General Maintenance & Waste Water Treatment

Green Resource Inc Services

Wastewater Treatment Plant Services

We provide 24 hours / on call general maintenance, which includes:

Waste Water Treatment

Waste Water Treatment Plant Design, local authority approval, construction, maintenance turnkey contractor.

Portable Small to large Septic Tank
UPVC, Ductile Iron, Glazed Vitrified Clay, HDPE & ABS Pipe.
Large submersible pump
Aeration Pump
Tubes / Disc diffuser
Membrane Technologies
Sludge Dewatering Machine
Multi Purpose Incinerator & Etc

Lists of our services

We provide 24 hours / on call general maintenance of the Wastewater Treatment Plant which includes:

General Cleaning

Desludging Services & Equipment

Desludging Services, Office/building Cleaning Services, Solid Waste Disposal & etc.

Worker at Work

Grease interceptor and main hole service (Impian Sewerage Konsortium)